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28 Nov 2022

Swedish Coin Auction Catalogues

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My late father was a collector of Swedish coins. He also collected Swedish Coin Auction Catalogues. While I don't have any of his coins, I have about 7 boxes of old Swedish Coin Auction Catalogues. Probably 300 - 400 in total. These go back to 1870 though most are from the last 50 years. Many of these have beautiful photos of the coins, occasionally in color. Almost all are in Swedish (not English). There are also a few reference books, some of which are in English.
I think this collection of auction catalogs would be a great reference source for any serious collector.

I can't bear to toss these out and I am hoping there is some collector of Swedish coins out there who would take these off my hands. Obviously for free. I would be willing to deliver them myself if you live in Southern California. I would prefer someone to take the whole collection (not cherry-pick the good stuff).
Email me at terrymwelsh@hotmail.com if you are interested.



Level 5

Very cool collection. Someone really needs to keep them for history.


Level 6

Welcome to the ANA! What a wonderful collection you have. And sentimental beings they were your dads. I agree with some of our other members. Maybe try the ANA library... ; )

The ANA might want it.


Level 6

Welcome. Those are a very, one of a kind collection you have, as Golfer stated. I also have a hard time disposing of some great auction catalogs I get. Especially Davisons. I now take them to the post office and just leave them there. Always are gone later. Not an answer for you. Good luck.


Level 5

Incredible collection. Probably one of a kind collection in this country. Your dad must of been a great guy and known well among his local numismatic community. Swedish coins would be a great specialty area. Hopefully you can keep the collection together. I recently bought some Harrisburg coin club medals from the son of a late HCC member. 1965 to 1979 era. I displayed all my HCC medals at the last PAN show with a remembrance and dedication to Harold our past member. Its important to remember our past collectors and remember we are just the current caretaker's of the material we own. Hopefully you find a swedish coin collector that wishes to keep all and display some of your dads material with their swedish coins.

AC coin$

Level 6

Welcome to ANA World, we are here to learn and help.


Level 7

That would make a great gift. Contact the ANA. Maybe they would put them in there Money museum!! You never know. They can say yes or no! Give them a call!! Very nice collection.

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