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24 Feb 2022

Block parties are fun!

| user_33663

My insurance office is located in the Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago and I was invited to sponsor a block party for my neighbors, back in 2019. I decided to bring some world coins for the kids to search through and find a couple coins to keep. But of course there's always a hitch! The kids had to learn what country the coin was used in, and the denomination/value of the coin. That was a big challenge, but eventually the kids learned who Queen Elizabeth II was, or that Canada and Australia were both in the British Commonwealth.So after the kids got done exploring the world of numismatics, they were back at the bounce house for awhile, only to return later with a very sad story. While bouncing around, they had lost their new found treasure, and would it be OK if they picked out some replacements? Of course I agreed, and was happy to have them look through the coins again. Pretty soon the parents came over and shared stories of collecting statehood quarters and how their parents and grandparents had passed down coin collections.Well, hopefully I have given you a couple ideas, in case you are invited to a block party this summer, and have some world coins to share with your neighbors. Who knows, maybe the kids will start collecting coins? Or at least they will be more aware of the world around them and that money is different everywhere you travel. I remember one of the kids finding a Canadian quarter and asking me if Canada was very far away. I mentioned that it was about 6 hours from Chicago and that he could spend that quarter the next time he visited. Right away, he ran up to his dad and showed him the quarter and asked when they could go to Canada!

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