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11 Dec 2021

Numismatic educational opportunities

Coins in the Classroom | user_33663

In 2019 I applied to be an adjunct instructor at the College of DuPage, Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI), teaching a class titled “Exploring Numismatics”. The pandemic caused the campus to close, but I was able to create a virtual classroom using Zoom. I’ve run several virtual classes since then and being online has been both effective and a great convenience for all concerned. For 2022, I have decided to expand my classes to include Harper College, and also to invite local coin club members to help with the class. There are lots of ways that local coin club members can help! What I’m doing, other numismatically inclined educators/collectors can duplicate, or support. There are more than 400 LLI that operate in all 50 states: A-Directory-of-Lifelong-Learning-Institutes.pdf (northwestern.edu).

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