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20 Dec 2021

2015 Delaware Bombay Hook Quarter

Coins-United States | AC coin$

***Part of the America The Beautiful Series, this great quarter issue evokes wildlife protection along the gorgeous Delaware coast.

TheBombay Hook National Wildlife Refugeis a 15,978 acres (64.66km2)National Wildlife Refugelocated along the eastern coast ofKent County, Delaware,United States, onDelaware Bay. It was established on March 16, 1937, as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory and wintering waterfowl along theAtlantic Flyway. The Refuge was purchased from local land owners withfederal duck stamp funds. @wikipedia.

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∆ While in the corresponding collection post, please LOOK, for specific mystery details hidden within this beautiful coin's obverse art.

***AC Coin$.



Level 6

Thanks for the information! ; )


Level 5

Nice! Thanks for the information.

One of the many quarters.


Level 7

Most of the National parks do!


Level 5

Another interesting quarter. So many quarters in circulation with so many topics.


Level 4

Nice. The refuge is probably one of many interesting things in Delaware.


Level 6

I can't comment on any more of your blogs. They are pure copy/paste. Sorry, I want your words.

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