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04 Jan 2022

A very nice 1953B US $2 Red Seal note.

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When you come accross or find rare and special paper money and other currency, curiosity drives you to catch many details and even more precise beauty features in your acquired item.

This crisp 1953 $2 Bill makes part of my US paper money collection.

AC Coin$.

The main reason for the collectibility of this bill is that it was the first "small size" bill issued in the United States. This makes it something of an oddity that even non-collectors like to have in their possession. Thepresence of the red seal on the left-hand sideof the note also makes it seem very foreign and exotic to non-collectors.

What is a Red Seal Note?

Red Seal Notesare United States Currency known as either United States Notes or Legal Tender Notes. Legal Tender Notes are the longest lived of all U.S. Currency, first authorized in the Act of Congress of May 3, 1878 and issued through 1971. Large-size Legal Tender Notes were issued only through 1929, after whichthe currency changed to the smaller "modern size" notes still used today. All Small-size Legal Tender Notes have red seals, and therefore they are referred to asRed Seal NotesorRed Seal Bills.Red Seal Noteshave been issued in $1, $2, $5, and $100 denominations. The Mint also printed but did not issue $10 and $20 denominations.

Only one issue of the $1Red Seal Notewas printed, the series 1928. The $2Red Seal Noteswere printed in multiple series: 1928, 1928 A through G, 1953, 1953 A through C, 1963, and 1963 A. $5Red Seal Noteswere also printed in multiple series: 1928, 1928 A through F, 1953, 1953 A through C, and 1963. The $100Red Seal Noteswere printed in series 1966 and 1966 A.


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***Please go to my collection section pertaining this US note and other Red Seal bills shown in the images area. Refer to the portrait of Thomas Jefferson as used un the bill, check for details in his right eye(?)...***



Level 6

Really nice! Thanks for sharing it! ; )


Level 5

Nice note. Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

I don’t collect much US paper money, but this is cool!


Level 6

Great year 1953. my birth year. Thanks I enjoyed this blog.


Level 7


The MoKe

Level 6

Many deuces have a corner torn off. That is because old time horse race guys thought it was lucky to tear off a corner and the basic bet at a race track was $2. I wish they would eliminate the dollar bill, circulate the dollar coin and make the deuce the smallest denomination of currency.


Level 5

Nice red seal. Very interesting.


Level 4

Cool two dollar bill!

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