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24 Jan 2021

"US Coin Design Families and Collector's Guide" free download available

Coins-United States | user_35904

I am pleased to announce that my article "US Coin Design Families and Collector's Guide" is available for free download at www.knowledgewise.com.

Coins give us a sublime and tangible connection to history and an artistic expression of the ideals and values of their periods. Like art, a collector need not attempt a “complete” collection of denominations and designs – a representative example of each of various major design families or individual designs can be quite enjoyable, satisfying and informative.

This volume with its timeline is targeted to beginning and novice coin collectors to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of US coin design history, but hopefully experienced collectors will also gain new insights.



Level 5

Sounds a lot like a type set. Thanks for letting us know, I'll check it out!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

A lot of good hard work went into this, you have a site to be proud of!


Level 7

Lots of luck. Welcome to the ANA. Glad to have you abord. I have been collecting 26 years and I'm coming to and end . I will read anything free. Thanks for that. If any of us can help let us know!!


Level 6

Sounds interesting! I will definitely check it out! Thanks ; )


Level 6

Cool. Congratulations on your achievement. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad to hear of your accomplishment. Even introductory articles have something to offer an advanced collector. Thanks for your time and effort to bring your project to fruition!


Level 5

Looking forward to it. Will check it out. Always looking for new info !


Level 5

Very fascinating! I will check it out!


Level 5

I will check it out, thanks for your willingness and ability to do an article like this.

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