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06 Aug 2018

Numismatic Book Review-Mega Red Book

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The Mega Red Book, an extension and deepened version of the highly prestigious Red Book, is written by Richard S. Yeoman. This book is somewhat costly, but worth it. Larger pictures, to more easily identify your coins, and to more easily compare grades. This book has a better grading system, and spells out and shows exactly what the coin needs to have in order to make the grade. Yet, not as in depth as the Grading Standards book. This book goes into never before seen detail, offering letters from the mint directors, and stories tied to our nation's coins. Each year a new section is deepened, and I believe this mega red book is now to the Dime section. The pricing list is even more attractive and contains auction realized prices for the highest grades, or if it is in the top 250 list. The mega red book gives a more satisfying pricing guide to the Philippine issues, and other mint-made foreign issues. A well worth it buy, although I found my 2017 issue at a discount book store and got it for only seven dollars. Maybe that is why I have several pictures of the same coin, in the wrong places.



Level 6

I have one Mega Red Book. It's packed full of information that's for sure.


Level 6

Mega Red Bk is a treasure trove of info. I have fond memories of the "Professional edition."


Level 7

Does your book do a special on every cent every cent they have a paragraph on nickels did your book do a paragraph on every nickel every one then the dime. It's fifteen hundred pages long and I bought it for thirty two dollars for all the information and stories and coins you haven't seen before it worth it. You get what you pay for. Does it have tokens and so called dollars kindly let me know because I love knowledge. And the deluxe Red book has it. I need a reference book that's the one.


Level 6

It is loaded with information. I don't buy one every year. But well worth it.

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