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13 May 2021

VAM-Misstrike- Error- What is it?

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I made a recent purchase of a 1900 P Morgan Silver Dollar.  
I was drawn to the coin from the over-stamped field to the left of Liberty’s face. The die has left a shiny, deeper field around all 7 left stars and along Liberty’s face from her lips to the lower tip of her neck, and along the denticles. The rest of the strike is correct, level and as expected.  It is not a clash, but how the die was created.  It definitely is not a die crack.  I find no doubling anywhere on the coin.
I have researched my VAM books, VAMWorld 2.0 and have not found a similar strike.
I would grade at a MS-60 Uncirculated, but it may be higher, I always tend to be safe and under-grade. Coin has no wear, hasn’t been cleaned, talons and feathers are great.  I paid $60 which is inline with PCGS, but a little high compared to NGC, but I felt the curiosity was worth it.
So what do you think the strike is? What would you classify it as? Send your opinions



Level 2

Just an update-The VamWorld 2.0 collectors are also having a problem dialing this in too and have suggested sending it in for grading/analysis- there will be more to come!


Level 4

Really hard to tell from the photos.


Level 6

That is pretty cool! I'd go with your grade ...MS 60 seems about right.


Level 7

It looks like a soft strike. Like something was on it . You know it's hard to tell with pictures. Take it to a dealer. It will cost much more to send it in. NGC and the other graders have all gone up!. I would have to hold it. Did you weigh it?


Level 5

Looks really unusual. Does seem to have a lot of nicks. If problem free, MS 60 seems fair.


Level 6

Can't tell. Put this baby up on VamWorld. Those guys will know. Good luck. PMD? It almost looks like some liquid was on it. ??


Level 6

Clashed Die? Could tell better with coin in hand.


Level 2

Not a clash, purposeful uniform void around the stars and Liberty's face-

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