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28 Apr 2021

Book review Coin Collecting - Newbie Guide To Coin Collecting By Sam Sommer

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This book focuses on how to collect coins by knowing what makes it valuable and numismatic. If one is to look at Numismatics as an investment, there are suggestions related to investing in gold, silver, and rare coins. The author shares thoughts on how much one could pay for ungraded coins and whether to buy it. There is a section on how to identify errors in coins versus how to identify fake. Errors are those that are introduced due to mint error whereas fake coins are altered for profit. The book also has a section on how to grade coins. There is an easy to follow explanation on why some coins are considered rare compared to others. The book has 85 pages. There are pictures in various section although they are not color, it is useful. The book provides an understanding to coin collecting and is a good one for beginners.



Level 5

Sounds like good information.

Sounds like a useful book.


Level 5

Thanks for the review. Information is good. Buy what you like with a little research.


Level 6

Good luck finding under graded coins as a newbie. Pictures are very helpful. Thanks. Time to go past newbie books. I think you have the basics down. Thanks.


Level 6

Thanks again for another book review...two in one day.

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