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28 Apr 2021

Book review Collecting Coins: A Beginner's Guide By Jerry Haydock

| user_40343

This book suggests that one can look for coins in a coin shop, coin shows, websites, flea markets, auctions. I liked the last option, to exchange coins with fellow collectors. There is explanation on the minting process, mint marks, and its significance. The next aspect is about what all factors impact the value of a coin and what makes it a collectable. To determine the value, one needs to understand the concept of grading. There is explanation on coin grading, the color and appeal, luster, etc. And some points on whether to use the professional grading service and if it is worth it. There is introduction to commemorative, bullion, and other special coins. The coin collectors need to be able to also identify fake coins and stay away from it. There are also details on how to store the coins and to know when to sell the coins if need be. Overall, a good book.


I need this!


Level 7

Thanks but after 27 years in some with books. Have most of them away! Thanks for the information.


Level 5

Sounds like a good book. Always looking for coins everywhere and trying to find a deal.


Level 6

Good basic, starter knowledge. Thanks.


Level 6

Thanks for the review ; )

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