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03 Sep 2020

Book Review: A Guide Book to Lincoln Cents

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Being primarily a cent collector, this was my first numismatic book. This one in particular is the 2nd edition, and I believe there is a 3rd edition out there. To sum up all that I am about to say, this is a great resource for beginners and experts that is well written and I highly recommend it. The book covers a lot of information in depth, starting with the history. Here the author explains the creation of the Lincoln cent, the different historical events that affected the series, and the public's reaction to certain designs, releases, and varieties. I found this part of the book very enjoyable and easy to read, because it is written in a chapter book format. Once the full history of the Lincoln Cent is covered, the book proceeds to discuss other vital aspects of Lincoln Cents, such as Grading standards, the minting process, and how to be a smart buyer. To close the book, there is 150 pages of analysis and market guide on the series. For each year and mint they include a high quality photo, mintage number, a price guide for each grade, notes on striking, sharpness, and errors, and an overview of what all happened that year. This sums up the main topics of the book, an overall it covers all the fundamentals of the Lincoln Cent series as well as a lot of detailed background information. I highly recommend this book if you are collecting Lincoln Cents, and if there are any other US coin series you focus on their is likely a Whitman guidebook for it just like this one. The book costs $19.95, and remember that ANA members get a 10% discount on the Whitman website. That is it for now. Happy researching, and keep on collecting! Your fellow Numismatist, Timothy



Level 5

I now know I need one of these... Thanks Tim! Cheers, NM

Rock Hound

Level 4

will be buying for sure.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

This was a well done report on the book, you included lots of useful information, thanks!


Level 7

Any book on cents is a good book.thank you for calling them by there name. If you call them pennies you live in England!!

This was a great review, good job! The cents hit close to home, almost every collector begins with them.


Level 6

Great review! A must have for the Lincoln cent collector!


Level 5

Thanks for the review. I will have to read it.

It's Mokie

Level 6

All the Red Book Guides are essential for any decent numismatic library. I especially love #13, the Peace Dollar guide by Roger Burdette. It's in its 4th edition and I have had all 4 editions.


Level 5

Thankyou everyone for reading. If anyone of you want to get it, I believe they have it in the ANA library. And I will definitely look into the CONECA membership


Level 5

Great book to have, but I don't have one. Thanks for the review. I might purchase one, but with so many book reviews, there are so many books to choose from. Will need to start a big library !


Level 6

Nicely done. Great book. If you ate a Y.N., you are eligible for a free CONECA membership. This includes the magazine The Error Scope. Full of error coins. That is their thing. I think you will like it. Good luck.


Level 5

Nicely done. I also enjoyed and still use this book. No matter what else I collect, I will always keep my Lincoln Cent collection. Welcome!

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