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03 Feb 2022

my review of the 2022 silver eagle and an opinion on the women's quarters

Coins | Tyler Heldt

Hello yn’s it's been a while since I've posted a blog but I'm back. Recently I acquired the 2022 silver eagle at a coin show. To start off with, I'm a big fan of the silver eagle and I think they're cool. The 2022 silver eagle is no different than the 2021 with the new design on the reverse. I have the West point mint coin. Another cool thing about this coin is that it is not made for circulation and is America's silver bullion coin. The new reverse suits this coin well and it reminds me of the walking liberty half dollar of the early 20th century even though it is too big to be a walking liberty half. It is pure silver like the last one. Now we get to the opinion part. This is controversial and this is my opinion and I would like to hear yours too but I think the new women's quarters could be better. I like the reverse but the obverse just doesn't look right for one Washington is on the wrong side it's not like any other quarter. And it looks too high to be a circulation coin. Don't get me wrong I love my high relief but i think it is over the top. The obverse is a rip off from the 1999 washington half eagle. It's not even original. I appreciate that they at least tried to make a new coin but I think they failed at it. It just does not look good to me and there are so many better designs than the one we have now. If they were going to redesign a coin it should be the Jefferson nickel. The reverse has been the same for years and the America the Beautiful series had nothing wrong with it and was the only series with the exception of the 2019 1 cent piece to be minted at west point. Also near the bottom of Washington's hair there is no detail. It looks like the artist kinda gave up at the bottom and it does not look good in my opinion there should be a different obverse design. I'm waiting to see what the proof coins are going to look like. I think the United States mint could have done better and I think they did not choose the best design for the coin and the original design had nothing wrong with it and it was known and loved. I believe with a few design tweeks the new women's quarters could be something good but for now there not the best design

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