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29 Nov 2021

how to make a good united states type set

Coins | Tyler Heldt

First you will need a good type set folder. I have the Whitman 20th to 21st century american type set. It's about 20 dollars and all I can afford sense I am a yn. There also is the dansco united states type set. It covers all of the US coins but it is 180 dollars so it is more for the veterans. Second you will need to find the coins, some of the coins you can find in circulation and are easy to find. Like the Lincoln 1 cent with the shield or the Lincoln cent with the memorial and maybe a wheat cent if you can find the uncommon but there is a high chance you will find one. Also you can find the america, the beautiful and state series and the eagle but this is all clad and finding silver quarters are a rare occurrence finding dimes is good but really the only dime that you can find is a clad dime all other dimes are rare because they are silver. Nikals are a little different; you can rarely find a buffalo. Also, it's rare to find a war nickel . But you can find some early Jefferson nickel there, not uncommon. Half dollars are where the coins start to get pricey. A 1915 barber half dollar in xf condition is about 28 dollars or at least that's what I got mine for. The walking liberty is not as bad; you can get an ok one for about 10 dollars. A franklin is about its worth in weight in silver unless its in ms condition same with the kennedy 90% but a 40% is about 4 dollars and a clad is 50 cents. Large dollars are even expensive. I picked up a morgan dollar New Orleans mint mark at the Whitman coin show for 80 dollars in ms condicion. Peace dollars are the same price. They are very expensive and both coins are 90% silver and vaulde more for the coin than the silver. Also you can look for the eisenhower dollars they are hard to find but not expensive. I would recommend just buying one. Now small dollars are not that hard to find but you will probably end up buying them to save time. I got a S.B.A from a family member and found a presidential in change and those are the only coins I could find and I am struggling to find the rest. I personally try to get ms coins but they are expensive and i would recommend looking at the yn auctions you can find some good deals there also some cool coins

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