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25 Oct 2022

check out my new coin

| user_46126

here is a coin I just got for my birthday from ana its a 50cent Canadian from , its great condition and from 2013, I Don't know much else about it sorry I couldn't provide good photos I had to use my web cam


AC coin$

Level 6

Congratulations, twice...for the birthday and the coin. Choose an avatar and nic...just a suggestion. Never give up.


Level 6

Happy Birthday! Cool coin... Looks like the Mexican Eagle... ???


Level 6

Happy birthday. I can't see the coin well enough but I do believe I see the Mexican Eagle on its obverse, not the Queen. Maybe give the coin a second look. Tell us something about it. Thanks.


Level 4

Belated Happy Birthday, and I agree with user below as the piece you have is from south of the border. Still cool even if it is not from Canada.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Happy birthday! I know of a free app that is wonderful for identifying foreign coins. It is called Coinoscope. You take a picture of the coin and it will tell you the identity of the coin. May your collection double in size this year- my birthday wish for you!


Level 7

Happy Birthday. Its nice you received a gift from them. You in the right place to learn. Enjoy!!


Level 4

Happy Birthday! My brother got the same coin for his birthday from the ANA. I must respectfully disagree on your attribution of the coin. I looked it up in the Standard Catalog of World Coins and it appears to be a Mexican 20 cevantos, I THINK it the date is 2013. When did you join the ANA? what do collect? etc.? would be a great introduction for all of us.


Level 5

It's nice the ANA sent you a birthday present. Happy Birthday !

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