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31 May 2021

morgan dollar

| user_46126

my morgan dollar is from 1880 its in good condition its probily graded VF (very fine) it was $30 dollars at a coin show how much is it worth.
i dont have a picture of it because it wont let me upload it



Level 5

I “resemble” ALL of the replies here. By the way, as Mike says, try again. It let me upload my pictures this morning. Nice pick up on the Morgan and thanks for sharing!


Level 7

Try uploading now!


Level 5

Really need a photo. Keep trying.

Mr. Monetary

Level 3

An 1880 Morgan Dollar in VF condition will probably run you around $40. If you find that it is of the double die variety(Specifically 80 over 79) then it may be $55 or more. Nice find though!


Level 6

A picture would be great. Sounds like a nice coin! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Any of these coins you are asking about these coins for prices... we can't see the coin, so we can't give you much of an idea of your coin's value. Ask someone to teach you how to add a picture of your coins and that would really help.


Level 5

Morgans are a nice collectable and the prices reasonable. Nice pick up.


Level 2

Probably worth around $35-$40 maybe more if you find the right person.


Level 3

thanks for reading my blog and i will make more sometime

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