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30 May 2021

penny error

Odd & Curious Money | user_46126

as you can see this is a 1989 d penny i was wondering if any of you had any idea what this is worth? it is aproxamently 75% off strike with data and mint mark are readable.



Level 4

Really nice coin


Level 5

It is only worth what someone would pay for it - like yourself.


Level 5

10 dollars is a good deal for that kind of error with a date. Nice pickup.


Level 3



Level 5

Solid coin! I would say a good $20 if you sold it to the right person.


Level 6

I was going to say $20.00... Nice pick up! Cool coin! ; )


Level 6

$16. https://www.sullivannumismatics.com/


Level 7

I have to disagree. It's worth something but not two million . You have to add more information ! Where did you get it. ? Buy it in a store .? Go to a dealer. These questions.should be in a thread. Not a blog read some others blog you will get an idea. Allot of work goes.into a blog!! You will get there. One step at a time my friend.


Level 3

right you are my friend i bought it at a coin show for 10 dollars it was 13 but i talked him down

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Could be kid, lol love this coin might be worth two million dollars

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