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26 Nov 2016

Cool token

| user_49486

for those of you that have heard or played the old computer game Zork this is an example of a zorkmid that came with one of the games. my father played the games when he was a kid and got this coin with one of them. recently i looked up how much the coin is selling for and i found out that it is going for a whopping +$100 (making it the most expensive single item in my lot, excluding sets)  



Level 5

Never seen one before let alone heard of the game before. I cool conversation piece!


Level 6

Never heard of that game. Cool looking token.. Sounds like a great find!! Thanks!


Level 7

Well I have to say that's a first for me! Were did you find the price I'm interested! Looks like a nice coin.


Level 3

i looked up zorkmid sold on google and most of the people who are selling or sold charged around $100

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