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11 Dec 2018

Mega Red Book Rocks

| Prospector

My niece gave me a gift card to Amazon for Christmas and I decided to buy a 2018 Mega Red Book 4th Edition. This book is a good resource . I would recommend buying a current Mega Red Book to enhance your overall enjoyment of our hobby. Especially, if you find it difficult to buy many of the rare coins in this book. The only down size of this book is its weight. I would recommend reading the book while resting it on a table rather than holding it as you page through the book. The beautiful pictures are exciting to look at as you thumb through the pages. There is an abundance of good information in the book such as population counts for various grades. The values are up to date too. I am very pleased to purchase this book. Anybody else have this edition or are you planning to buy it? Feel free to tell us of other great numismatic books.

29 Mar 2018

1965 Roosevelt dime ddo clipped planchet

| Prospector

I found this coin in a bunch of change in an old can containing some coins. I was quite surprised to see that it had a clipped planchet and a double die obverse.

26 Feb 2018

Off metal, pickle barrel cent or questionable authenticity

| Prospector

I have a 1844 Large cent which has a diameter of 27.26 mm (standard 27.5) and a weight of 10.7 grams (standard 10.86 g). I'm trying to determine whether the coin is an off-metal error, a Pickle barrel cent as cited below or questionable authenticity. I didn't do a specific gravity test to determine the metal composition. It looks like brass.

25 Feb 2018

Coins stories and bad deals

Coins-United States | Prospector

Ronald Reagan, RIP once stated the most dangerous words he ever heard were, "We're from the Government and we are here to help you." Given that statement whether or not these following writings are factual are unknown except for the one labeled bad deal,since it happened to me. A guy I know told me that he was allegedly carrying 100 authentic Morgan Silver Dollars on him and had gotten arrested by the Police (he was always getting in trouble). Upon returning this guys accouterments they allegedly handed him a $100 Federal Reserve Note.

22 Feb 2018

Credit card issuers and usury

Credit Cards | Prospector

If you have a credit card balance and are living worst than an indentured servant to the credit card issuer you need to know this. The effective annual interest rate on credit cards amount to 40 to 60 percent. If you were to pay the minimum balance of the credit card it would take you 130 years to pay off the alleged debt. Mind you I said alleged debt since it has been proven in the court of law that these usurers attempt to collect money without a contract.Research in Blacks law dictionary and search for the Statute of Frauds. You will find that no suit or action shall be maintained on certain classes of contracts unless there shall be a note or memorandum thereof in writing signed by the party to be charged. You never signed a contract on "old" credit card alleged debt, you may have signed an application.If you are seeking more information on this topic you can buy the Erwin Rommel School of Law Banking Seminar. It would behoove you to know how to handle these situations prior to default.Photo credit: Jesus casting out the moneychangers by Carl Heinrich Bloch, Artist 1800's Public domain.Go to this link if you have the slightest inclination of continuing to pay the usurers. The Scourge of Usury a moral discussion.

21 Feb 2018

Tools helpful to a coin collector

Coins-United States | Prospector

The following tools are used for coin counterfeit detection, Jeweler's loupe, micrometer, digital scale, magnet, a Red Book of U.S. coins and a 2"x2" coin holder. These tools can be acquired for less than $50 on Ebay. I am not an expert at detecting counterfeit coins but I do know how to utilize these tools and I know what they help determine. In order to learn a more in depth knowledge about these topics I would recommend either buying a good numismatic book on the topic or rent one from the ANA library.

20 Feb 2018

Pride surrounds Sacagawea dollar's majesty

Coins-United States | Prospector

The Sacagawea dollar coins represent one of the most beautiful modern coins. Glenna Goodacre's artists depiction of Sacagawea, a young Native American Shoshone with infant child Jean Baptiste has excellent eye appeal. The reverse an eagle soars majestically into the field of the coin. These original issue coins are beautiful unlike the Presidential and subsequent Native American coins which have a $1 on the reverse, Sacagawea (2000-2008) have One Dollar on them. Unfortunately, the mint was forced to do this most likely, since many people confused the original Sacagawea dollar coin for a different denomination. I like the denomination written on the coin as opposed to a number. I probably will start a collection of the original issues (2000-2008) but not the subsequent ones.

17 Feb 2018

Historical and collectible stocks and bonds

Stocks & Bonds | Prospector

Historical and collectible Stocks and Bonds compliment coin collecting really well. In fact it is a segment of the numismatic field of collectibles which isn't mentioned very much. The hobby of collecting historical and collectible stocks and bonds is called scripophily. Scripophily was invented by taking the word scrip and philia, a form of brotherly love, otherwise known as the hobby of the love of scrip "scripophily." It's a fun hobby to be a part of. You can collect a game board set which includes various Railroads from the "Monopoly" game. There are old game board sets and new ones. Alternatively, you can collect a set of Americas Greatest Corporations with their respective histories in an album with protective page holders for your historical and collectible stocks and bonds.

17 Feb 2018

How the first bankers (goldsmiths) created money

Exonumia | Prospector

The goldsmiths as early bankers provided safekeeping services for the gold bars and coins that was held in their vaults and made a profit by charging vault storage fees. In return the goldsmiths issued "deposit receipts" for the gold placed in storage. People would take these deposit receipts back to the goldsmith whenever they needed gold to buy something. So the buyer paid the seller in gold then the seller placed his gold in the vault at the goldsmiths office for safe keeping. Eventually everyone soon found out that it was easier to use the "deposit receipts" to buy something. Thus the "deposit receipts" became the first notes.

12 Feb 2018

How to take great photos of coins with a cell phone magnifier app

| Prospector

There are certain methods to utilize in taking great photos of coins with only a cell phone "magnifier flashlight" app. Try building a shadow box. I used a box from a Model-T coin bank. There was already a hole on one side where the flashlight and lens pointed into the box. It was just the right height approximately 3 and 1/2 inches high. The android app "magnifier flashlight" served really well for this experiment. The coin was placed inside the flap opening of the box resting right inside the box. The image was taken with the flap of the box closed with only the hole facing the coin down below. I positioned the cell phone on top of the shadow box hole and snapped the photo image. It is important to rest the cell phone camera on the box with the lens and light facing toward the coin, since a clear nonblurry image can be taken as opposed to trying to hold the cell phone with your hand.


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