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07 Nov 2019

Coin Club

Coins in the Classroom | 1943penny

Today me and a few others successfully started a new coin club at our school and are in the process of recruiting! Right now we have 6 members including me and had our first meeting today and i think it went pretty well. Mostly we just voted on who should be what and what are club should focus on and we even got an adult chaperone from our school who used to be a coin dealer! we had a coin trading time at the end of the meeting and I traded an 1884 O Morgan dollar for 9 mercury dimes including a 1916! I hope this numismatic club turns out good but I just need some ideas of what we should talk about at our meetings.
Thanks, 1943penny



Level 5

Congratulations for taking the initiative and then promoting your club. It will grow before you know it. Just keep it active and lively so that all members stay interested and motivated.

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Good club activities could be things like show and tell, or you could ask members to give presentations.


Level 3

I'm also in school and have considered starting a club and have faced the same problem you seem to be having, what would we do. Also, I do not know of anyone who collects coins so it is intimidating to start one with the possibility that nobody joins.


Level 6

Good for you and your fellow collectors. A lot of good ideas here. I wish you luck and have a good time learning from each other.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Hey 43-P, At my club, we do a show and tell at each meeting. That is a fun way to share each others cool coins or recent purchases. We also mix it up occasionally by having folks bring in other collectibles like arrowheads, or stamps, or whatever else people like to collect since most of us have secondary collections too. Each meeting also has a presentation by a different member each month. These can be on any subject related to coins and can be very elaborate or very simple. The main thing is to be informative while having fun.

The club I am a member of, the ANS(no, not the American Numismatic Society), holds two meetings each month. The first is an auction of sorts where members bring in items to attempt to sell via an amusing auctioneer, though realisticly it's just a meeting with mostly friendly banter. The second meeting is where a member(though technically it doesn't have to be a member, this is just what ends up happening) gives a presentation on a topic of their choice. Recently, I made my first presentation at this club, on, and I know you wouldn't be able to guess this, Liberty Walking Half Dollars. Generally, I think it is always good to have a variety of presentations and coin swapping/auction, along with various events. For some good ideas, I recommend seeing the ANA's brochure on it, which is somewhere under the tab of "ANA Member Clubs". Oh yes, and I also recommend your club joins the ANA as an ANA Member Club in one of the manners possible(there is a table with different types of membership listed, along with prices and benefits to each).


Level 4

thanks, great ideas!


Level 5

You could ask if any of the members of your club would like to do a powerpoint presentation on a coin topic of their own choosing. Our club meeting last night had one of our members doing a presentation on Apollo 11 coins and medals. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it last night because of snow and slick roads :(


Level 4

thanks! great idea!


Level 6

Good luck with the club!!!!!!!!!!


Level 7

Books and coins.and when your done with that read more books on what your going to collect. The first book should be the 2021 red book comes out in April..


Level 4

thanks, I already pre orderd it!


Level 4

That's sooo cool! I wish we could have a coin club at out school, unfortunately, I live in the country and really couldn't be there for some of the meetings. I would love to show them some of the different varieties that I focus on, and tell them about Coins for A's, and all of the benefits that the ANA offers.

Would it be possible for you to join a non-school, local club? For whatever reason, it seems non of the younger generation of numismatists live near me, besides which my form of schooling, prevent a school club from working out for me. However, I found a local club that meets only twice a month, and is at most half-hour away from me. Perhaps you could find one that you need not attend all meetings(I don't this time of year for instance.) Also, under the settings where you can edit your "numismatic preferences" you should find a scroll-down selector for listing an ANA member club that you are a member of. This list includes ALL the ANA member clubs, not just certain ones like on the ANA club listing. Using the names, you should be able to find, with diligence and persistence, whether there is one near you

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