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12 Oct 2022

Coins with George Washington: part one George Washington

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George Washington

George Washington, you think was the father of our country. Even though he was that he was also much more than that, he was a farmer, surveyor, soldier, patriot, and the first President of the "United States of America".

This blog helps show you who George Washington really was.

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in the colony of Virginia. In the 1748, when he was sixteen, he surveyed land for Sir George William Fairfax. The following year as a professional surveyor he surveyed land for the newly formed Culpeper County. In 1753 the governor of Virginia, Robert Dinwiddie, sent George Washington across the Allegheny mountains to give a letter to the French telling them to leave the area. A few months later after the French did not leave the area, Dinwiddie sent Washington as a Lieutenant Colonel with 150 men to force the French to leave the area. After they got there and had a fight, George Washington was forced to retreat. Because it was in the middle of winter, they built a fort to stay in they called it Fort Necessity. After Fort Necessity was completed, the French surrounded it so Washington had to surrender, this was the beginning of the French and Indian War. After this defeat Washington was put under General Braddock to help get the French to relocate. During one battle two horses were shot out from under him and four bullets were shot through his coat. In recognition of him George Washington was given command of all of Virginia's military forces. In 1758, the French finally retreated and Washington went back to Mount Vernon. The following year when he was 27, he married the widow Martha Dandridge Custis. Sixteen years later in 1775 he was nominated the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army so he went to help win the Revolutionary War. In 1776 his army secretly crossed the frozen Delaware River to surprise the Hessians and capture Trenton, New Jersey. The capture was successful. The next morning the Hessian troops were going to surprise the Continental Army and recapture Trenton, during the night the Continental Army made large fires in Trenton and secretly escaped to Princeton. The next morning an officer ran into General Cornwallis's tent crying "To arms, general! Washington has outgeneraled us. Let us fly to the rescue of Princeton!" When the British got to Princeton the battle was over and the Continental Army had won! Washington's main strategy throughout all of the Revolutionary War was to keep the British in New York. In 1783 the Revolutionary war ended and he went home. From 1789 to 1797 George Washington served as President of the "United States of America" serving two terms. On December 12, 1799 he was riding on horseback supervising his farm when it began to rain and hail, when he got home supper was ready and George decided to eat it in his wet clothes. The following day he had a sore throat and his voice was hoarse, his condition grew worse until he died on December 14th his funeral was four days later on the 18th.






Level 5

Very nice history on Washington. I've been to Mount Vernon and his home is awesome. George Washington will be attending the PAN show next week, along with Abraham Lincoln and Ben Franklin. Thank you for the history on Washington!


Level 6

Hey very informative blog about President Washington. How about some coinage facts relating to him? Thanks though well done.


Level 6

Nice biography on Washington. Maybe part two will include some coinage facts. Thanks! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Wonderful essay on Mr. First President. Congrats. Keep up the great work. Things new to me or perhaps that often get overlooked in the books. Great.


Level 4

Good job! Thanks!!


Level 7

Allot of information. Can you give us a bibliography please.Some of us would like to read more. He was the first to receive the purple heart. That's why he's on the medal. I went to his survey business in Winchester Virginia. Now he was a tall man . I'm six foot three or four. I had to bend over to get into his little building. Thanks for the blog!!

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