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18 Apr 2019

Throwback Thursday- How I started coin collecting

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Hello everyone today I am making a blog about how I got into Numismatics. I am very glad that I got into numismatics.

It all started with an experiment...

My dad and I started an experiment with a big plastic container. We wanted to see how long it would take us to fill up the container with pennies. We started this journey when I was about 9.5 years old. We started to fill the container when I found out about wheat back pennies. I was interested in the different backs and thought that it was cool having old pennies. I collected wheat back pennies and asked my family members if they had any (my favorite aunt that lives across the country sent me a bag of about 15). Since I had no idea about numismatics I thought that each wheat penny was worth $5. After a while I found out that pennies from 1982 and before were made of mostly copper. I figured out that they had about 1.5 cents in copper. I thought about that and how I could make money. I then began to keep copper pennies and I also found out that most wheat back pennies are not worth $5 each.

When I was 12 I went to a swap meet with my parents. We were walking around when I saw a table with lots of coins and paper money. I went to the table to see what it was. An very nice veteran (thank you for your service) was at the table. He told me a little bit about coins and I bought my very first real numismatics coin (no offense wheat backs) an uncirculated 1962 Franklin half dollar. I don’t remember the price but I remember that he gave me a good deal. I am now 13 and I still buy coins from him and he gives me the “good people” discount. I still have the half dollar and might get it graded to get it in that condition and I will always keep that coin. While he was talking to me he gave me a flier to go to a coin show. I kept the flier and a month later I went to my very first coin show. It was very fun, they also has a kids table where you can fill books full of wheat backs. The night after I got the half dollar I researched and research about coins. I began to know more and more and I still have 98% of the hobby to learn (you can study numismatics your whole life and still have more to learn). I started collecting coins and got a good general knowledge in about 2.5 months. That year for Christmas all I asked for was coins and silver. In January when my 13th birthday came, again I asked for coins and silver (I have just started to study notes). For my birthday my parents asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to got to a coin shop. I went to a coin shop for the very first time. There wasn’t much I could afford because they mostly had rare coin. With not much I could afford I stocked up on supplies. After that we went to a bank and I got a box of pennies and some other coins. We went home and I had tons of fun searching through them. I must have had beginners luck plus birthday luck because that was my best box of pennies. I am glad that I got introduced to numismatics because it is a very fun hobby.

Thank you for reading my blog and happy hunting.



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Great blog! Enjoyed hearing how you got into collecting coins!


Level 4

Keep up you passion for coin collecting. You have a familiar but great story. Blessings for you! Pastor Greg Knippa


Level 6

I'm glad you wrote this blog. Your love of our hobby really shows through. It's great your family is supporting you. Keep reading. Coin roll hunting is one of my favorite things to do.. Great photo! Good luck.

I think everyone got their start with wheat cents.

Actually I started with/because of a presidential dollar


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I agree


Level 6

I like hearing stories on how people got started collecting coins. Nice blog.

A great story, you never know how people start, but they always end up great collectors. I wish more people collected, it would make evrything better, maybe after this years national coin week!

Pleasant story of your start in Numismatics,... I have an earlier blog on mine if your interested, and I think some other members did one too

It's Mokie

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What a wonderful story of your journey into this greatest hobby of all. Thank you for sharing, you bring back many memories as 10 year old me searched my Dad's change for wheaties.


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Great story. I think we all write a blog on how we got started. There are so many different ways. Your story is very interesting I enjoyed it very much. It's great when your dad is involved. Keep up the good work. Soon you will be writing about coins. Welcome to the best hobby in the world. And your at the right place. The ANA.


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Yes, I think we all should share some time how we got started. There are so many great tales out there.

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