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24 Jun 2022

Finding a Home for Foreign Coins

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I have some Coins from Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, plus a few odds and ends that I've had around for a long time. Since they are just sitting there, I think it's time they find a home for someone who would really be interested in collecting them. What is the best process to go about doing that? I do not have very many. Right now I am looking at the ads in the Numismatist. Hopefully I can get a fair price and find a few coins a home.



Level 5

Local coin shops. Price compare. Local coin shows.

C.D. Harrell

Level 4

Quality photos and well described eBay listings would be your best option. I would post them up for auction starting at 0.99 cents each and let the buyers do the bidding to increase the price. This way you let the market determine the value. Thanks for sharing!

AC coin$

Level 6

Foreign coins could be one of your most sought treasures. Globally produced it is like an universe of their own to seek and exchange or share. It is to your advantage to organize and keep foreign coinage. Welcome to the ANA World, happy collecting and hunting!!


Level 6

I like ebay or a local coin shop.... The nearest one to me is an hour and a half away. Not very economical with today's gas prices. Good luck with the coins! ; )


Level 6

The go to is ebay. It is a pain but doable. A local dealer is the easiest. A lot of folks use Instagram now. Good luck.


Level 4

Try finding a local coin dealer. While dealers might not pay as much as a private sale, it might save you some of the hassle. Otherwise, a local numismatic group might be of assistance or have an interested party.


Level 7

That would be a good way. Unfortunately you can't sell them on this site. Its in the disclaimer You might try ebay. Anytime I looked up a coin I want to look at it says sell one now! I don't now the process since I don't sell. I hope you get a fair price for them.

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