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01 Jan 2021

It's a Brand New Year! Setting some Numismatic Goals

| I. R. Bama

Happy New Year (I hope....)!! So today I have begun to set some numismatic goals for myself for the coming year. I decided that if I had some goals defined, my collecting wouldn't be so scattered all over the place. So with no further ado, here are my plans.....

1. Complete the ANA Numismatic diploma program. I started that in June when I joined and I have completed four of the six courses. Two of them I passed with honors. The next two seem like they are going to be the most difficult. Those are Mint Errors and Varieties and Grading Mint State Coins. Then I have to also take a 200 question closed book proctored final exam. I will give myself until June 30th, but If I just complete it this year I will be happy.

The next couple of goals are fairly easy......

2. Complete my Buffalo Nickel collection

3. Complete my Two Cent coin collection. I only need one more for that so I think that will happen.

4. Complete my Washington Quarter collection.

5. Complete my Roosevelt Dime collection. Again, that is an easy one.

6. Continue to work on my Three Cent Nickel collection

7. Continue to work on my Morgan Dollar collection. This is a pretty hard one, I need a lot of Carson City issues.

8. Continue to work on my Indian Cent collection

9. Process the 25 lbs. of foreign coins I have on the way stuck in post office hell somewhere between here and the moon out in the ethers. I can't even quite grasp what 25 lbs. of bulk coins is going to look like let alone sort them all out. I'll give myself 9 months for that one.

10. Continue to be active writing blogs here and be supportive of my peers on our website.

11. Travel and actually get to meet some of my new very good friends that I have met here.
That's enough I think. Next year I will report back on how well I did with these goals and set new ones. Do y'all have any Numismatic goals for the coming year? Please share them with us!


walking liberty

Level 4

lol the United States postal Serves is really a mess right now! Where did you order the coins from by the way?


Level 5

Sounds like you doing well, Bama! We are in at about the same spot as far as the diploma program goes. I found the Errors and Varieties course fairly easy. Grading however, will prove interesting. I wish you luck in the program, and with all of your goals. Cheers, NM


Level 4

It's good to have a goal! Or two, or twelve lol! :-) I'm liking your list, thanks for sharing!

Good luck on the buffalo nickels. I only have about 7 in MS, and have plenty to go. Some of them are extremely hard to find, even if you have the money.


Level 5

Sounds like a fairly aggressive agenda, but if anyone can accomplish it, I know you're capable. You've certainly inspired me to think about maybe setting a few goals for the coming year. Thanks for a great post, and talk to ya soon buddy!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, a very ambitious agenda for 2021, hopefully all the shows will start to reopen and you will have a great year. Can't wait to read all about it.


Level 6

Great list for sure! You are going to be a busy "Numi" boy! ; ) I like #11 Good luck with your goals and have a Happy New Year!


Level 5

Quite the numismatic goals ! I an going to help my coin club have a good year. Attend a few shows like the spring PAN show. For collecting, I may look for a few medals, so called dollars. And maybe a couple key date coins?


Level 5

Ditto what well worn copper said. And great goals!


Level 5

Many of my goals are further down the road than just this year. Among them are minor upgrades for my type sets. Next, I'll be watching for specific medals to become available for my theme-based sets. In the longer term, I want to re-image all my coins and clean-up my records. I have hundreds of certified and raw coins to organize. Finally, when I turn 70, I'll begin selling off large portions of my collection after my kids get the coins they want. I don't want my kids to have to sell off my collection. After that, I plan on spending the rest of my life enjoying all the re-imaged pictures of my coins. However, fear not, rumors of my soon-coming demise are highly exaggerated. Above all, I want to spend the next ten years or so enjoying the coins I spent a lifetime to collect!

My main goal just to be able to attend a coin show, somewhere, someplace.


Level 5

Nicely put, I'm going to have to adjust my short term goals myself, thanks for the update. You're gonna be busy!


Level 7

I wish you luck. That's a very hard list you have. But in know you will finish it. Don't give up! Keep us updated!


Level 6

I like number 11. Great goals.Good luck.


Level 6

Those are worthy goals. Good Lucj.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great goals Coinsearcher!


Level 5

Great goals, I hope you reach them! I haven't quite figured out some of the specific goals that I will be working on throughout the year, but I will have them soon. I have been keeping track of the percentage of each of my collections that I am at, so my goal might be to reach a certain percent. I also hope to just gain more numismatic knowledge in general, and try to keep the value/how much I paid for it ratio looking good. Stay safe and have a Happy Bew Year!

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