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25 Dec 2020

To Honor Michael Byrne

| I. R. Bama

Submitted on behalf of I.R. Bama, Kepi, Longstrider, Coinsbygary, Mokie and the members of the ANA Blogging Community

2020 has been a challenging year in innumerable ways but this forum has provided many of us with a wonderful way to escape the madness by sharing information, giving advice, and learning new things about our shared hobby. Throughout this year, one individual has proven to be the most reliable, most knowledgeable, and most engaging of us all. That individual is Michael Byrne (Mike B).

Mike's numerous blog entries have run the gamut from Conder Token varieties, to Hawaii overprint currency and everything in between. Lots of folks blog extensively but Mike combines excellent research, intimate knowledge, and his own heart into each and every blog. When Mike's pops up on the screen, we all know we are about to fulfill that truism, the wise among us, learn something new each and every day.

But it's not just about writing blogs, Mike also serves as a mentor to many of us and he advises us about things both numismatic and more deeply personal. Mike has a generous heart, giving coins to the ANA for their YN auctions and contributing freely to the KidZone at the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists. Mike also gifts coins directly to our YNs and to our ONs (old numismatists). I am sure there are other examples of generosity that Mike keeps to himself.

Mike is honest. When Mike speaks, you NEVER get the impression that he is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. What you see is what you get. Mike is trusting. Before Mike made it publicly known, Mike informed some of us of his disability and the challenges it presented. Mike is generous. Mike has always been generous with his knowledge. He is always willing to answer anyone's questions or share his knowledge of numismatics. Mike is faithful. Nobody has been as faithful to regular posting as Mike. Mike is currently the best ambassador the ANA has on the member blog. Mike represents the ANA in a respectful and positive manner, even if he doesn't always fully agree. Mike is a good friend. He regularly sends personal messages that are encouraging and have nothing to do with numismatics. Mike is humble. Mike often sends personal messages asking for opinions on a number of numismatic topics. Mike is welcoming. If anyone wants to be his friend, Mike welcomes them with open arms, especially the YN's. Mike is trustworthy. You can always be sure that Mike will never knowingly lead anyone astray. You can bank on the sound advice Mike gives on the ANA's boards. Finally, we are fortunate to have Mike as our friend!

We think it is proper and quite fitting that we fete Mike as our own Most Valuable Blogger for 2020 and all the years preceding. May 2021 bring him health, happiness, and many more fascinating blogs.



Level 5

Dear MikeB, You are truly deserving of ALL of the comments above. I resemble every remark made! When I first joined this community, you were the first to reach out to me and encourage me to complete my "Kennedy Half Dollar" collection, which I finally completed, business strikes, San Francisco proofs, and a few varieties ! You and I know each other very well even though I live "upstate" and you live "down state"! As you know, I just have one last comment, HooAh!


Level 4

Mike, you realize that only proves our point more, and yes, you DEFINITELY deserve this. :)


Level 4

Well deserved award. Mike always has an answer, an opinion or just provides a helping nudge.


Level 5

The ANA wouldn't be the same without our regular bloggers, especially Mike B. I'll just ditto everyone else's comments and the blog itself lol


Level 5

Mike is the real deal! He is every bit deserving of our heartfelt thanks for all he does!


Level 5

Mike is an awesome person (for a person from Bay Ridge, lol), he always reaches out, sometimes you like what he has to say, sometimes not, sometimes you need to hear what he says. He never gives bad advice, cares deeply for this hobby & the people in it. Well deserved. Hats off to my second favorite Brooklynite! Truly Nuff Said!

The MoKe

Level 6

Mike, Thank You for all you do for the hobby and the members of our blogging community. You ARE highly deserving of this honor.

Long Beard

Level 5

Kepi says it it. One we could only aspire to be.


Level 5

Finally! Amen to all of the above! Mike was the first to reach out to me, and welcome me to the site. We appreciate you Mike! Thanks for everything you do. Well deserve my friend. -NM


Level 5

Well deserved recognition for Mike. Seeing this award for Mike B. made my day even better. I have only known Mike B. For a year or so, but he is a great guy. Mike is a great numismatic and wonderful person. Congratulations Mike B. !!!!

A fitting honor to the knowledge king of all things conder.


Level 6

Mike, This ones all for you! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the day! Love is all around you ; )


Level 6

Mike, my Brother. What you just commente3d here goes to show why you deserve this award. It's beautiful. Dona Nobis Paciem! Nuff said!! Well done.


Level 7

First and foremost I do not deserve this. Everyone on this site deserves this young and old. I write because I love the hobby and I'm home all day. This works both ways. I also read the other blogs. I'm not an expert I just love coins and the people who write about them. I have learned so much from all of you. When I had a bad time you picked me up. . I thank all of you. . I dedicate this to all the bloggers and those who dont. I dedicate this to collectors everywhere. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your coins. I will end this simply by saying DONA NOBIS PACIEM bring us peace!! The best Christmas to all of you . You all are my friends and will always will be.

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