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28 Apr 2021

Coins and Other Currency: A Kid's Guide to Coin Collecting By Tamra Orr – Book Review

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The book starts off by talking about a grandpa who is a coin collector himself, passing on the interest to his grandson. The grandson takes his grandpa’s coins to school. There is a narration of how a classroom of kids look at cool unusual coins of different shapes and sizes, how it excites the kids to see money from around the world. There is a mention of the ‘Three-legged Money Frog’ used in China as a symbol of being rich. The book explains to a beginner to coin collecting about how strange things like cow, shell, etc. were used as currency prior to the use of metal coin and paper money. There are tips on how to start one’s own collection; and how money can help understand history and culture of various countries. The book is 48 pages long and it will help to introduce the world of numismatics to a person getting started with coin collecting.



Level 6

Good kids book. One can't start too early. In my opinion. Thanks.


Level 5

Great beginning book to get interested in coin collecting!


Level 6

Sounds like the prefect book for a child. Thanks for the review! ; )

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