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23 Apr 2016

Anyone tired of the US Quarter programs

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Every year since 1999 we have had five releases of the Washington quarter, either a state or national park one.  Now it is 2016 and I have to admit I am burned out on the quarter programs.  I pray to God that after 2021 we are finished.  At least we are done with the US President dollar program this year.


I really enjoy the quarter program it's better than having the same design the entire time.


Level 3

I have collected all the state quarters from circulation and I love them. But I wish a new innovative series is introduced, there are plenty to imagine


Level 2

It can be a bit overwhelming but I love collecting at least one of each design and not necessarily the Mintmarks.

YN Collector

Level 2

I personally would love for the quarter programs to be continued. Once these recent coins age 50 to one hundred years they will hopefully spark an interest in collectors and help to keep the numismatic society alive.


Level 7

What about the coin series that were cut short. You want a new half dollar bring back the Franklin. That series was cut short. As far as Penny's go I'm not in favor of changing the way we buy. You want to change the economy over a penny? And they did change it from the memorial to the shield. Tell the government to stop buying hammers for forty dollars. Screw drivers for twenty five dollars. Leave the penny and Nikle alone. You know it's easy to say get rid of this get rid of that. Every retailer in the country will have to change prices. And the prices won't go down. Mike. I know I got of topic sorry about that. It is a good blog thanks Mike.


Level 5

The yearly changes are necessary to keep new collectors interested. It gives YN's something to appreciate. Without the YN's the hobby has no future. I would love to see depictions of Liberty return to coins. All of this talk about getting rid of the cent and nickel means the government should consider a circulating half dollar again and maybe a better dollar coin. With new designs on bigger coins that would really pop!


Level 5

I know the Lincoln cent was recently redesigned with a new reverse and was very popular, i think 100 years of one coin design is too long! Coin used to be redesigned fairly often, but since 1946, we have basically had the same circulating coins and it is just too llong! I think we need to go back to liberty beaing on all coins


Level 6

I agree with Mike. We desperately need some new designs on circulating coins! Not another commemorative but circulating coinage! Thanks..


Level 5

I for one don't collect them but I can see how the series has benefitted the hobby. Look how many people were looking through change to put together there sets. What other recent series has created anywhere near the enthusiasm. I would like them to continue with different designs on the reverse. They don't have to be state related.


Level 7

New designs is what this mint needs. I cannot think of any other coin the perfect size except the quarter. How many collector's forget how many new collectors got into the hobby and why? It was the quarter. How about the space program? Maybe medal of honors winner's from the wars. I'm sure there are many many more idea's out there. If I can come up with two I'm sure others can come up with some. Why go back to the old design. We need new! Good blog. I'm certain many will chime in with there opinion. Mike.

Why don't you like them? These programs are actually helping the US economy. New coins featuring new designs will draw collectors to store and stash away these coins. Then, the US Treasury will have these money sitting in their vault.

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