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25 May 2018

2018 Coins - Where are they

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It is almost June and I have not found a 2018 coin in circulation yet.  Has anyone else found any?


I haven't seen any 2018 coin yet either!

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Ive found everything but the quarter. I found my first pennines in February/March.


Level 6

I've seen a few quarters and many 2018-D cents. Chicago area


Level 6

I am just beginning to see pennies. Usually see a new quarter first. Nothing on nickels and dimes.


Level 6

I've found a few in my change. Never give up! It's all in the hunt!!


Level 6

Out in the Californian Desert area I have found them too! I've gotten them back in change. Really shiny and pretty! Keep looking : )


Level 7

I have every denomination. Try different banks or wells Fargo. My wife brings home the change I go thru it. But I have the Dansco books so I have to buy mine from the mint to keep the books up to date. Everything after that is gravy. You will find them there out there. It's the hunt. My books are all uncirculated except the nickels the early years but I did find them also by looking. Coin rolling. It's fun and you don't know what you will find. Actually there not released January first they do have a delivery schedule. So it's not six months I say three and fifty states to hit. Keep the faith Mike.

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