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29 Oct 2017

Finally found 2017-P Cent in change

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I finally found a 2017-P  Lincoln cent in change yesterday.  Almost 11 months into 2017.  I did not think I would ever find one.  A lot of people must be keeping them.  I am just happy I have one for my collection now.


I have a ton of them, I found them in coin rolls.


Level 5

Lots of people love to hoard them to look for error. I dont get it. I stopped once I had five of each variety. They just arent that rare.... Oh well, who am I to tell someone else how to collect? Cheers, NM

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i see them all the time out on the east coast but i guess it is just geography


Level 5

That is nice to hear. None of the Phily coins seem to be circulating coast to coast this year. I wonder why?

coin collector

Level 4

I have tons laying around, Okay maybe not tons, but a lot


Level 6

Living out west, still waiting.


Level 6

Wow! I found my 1st months ago. I wonder why it takes so long for these coins to get out.


Level 4

I received one last week!

Congratulations! I've only found this year too. Thanks for sharing and the photo too!


Level 6

Congratulations on finding one! I still haven't seen one out here on the west coast!


Level 7

That's great. They seem to be showing up all over now so that good. Sometimes people will hoard coins like this. I'm alot older so for me to start hoarding them doesn't make sense. You though when you get to my age they should be worth something good so take care of it and the others you find..congratulations Mike.


Level 6

Still nothing out West..

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