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20 Dec 2020

Goertz Daler Variety 12: 1719 Hoppet - Bold Reverse

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I am pretty sure this new variety is number 12 in my list, so I am excited to continue adding to the list. This new variety occurs on the 1719 Hoppet Goertz daler, which was the last Goertz daler design to be produced, and it is likely one of the most difficult to find new varieties on. I will give a brief background for the Hoppet daler to help you better understand why this daler is special in the search for varieties. The 1719 Hoppet daler had a mintage of 1,500,000, the lowest of all Goertz dalers. The majority of Hoppet dalers were not put into circulation, for they were overstruck and redenominated by the new Swedish queen, Ulrika Eleonora, at a value of one öre kopparmynt, which was much lesser than one daler silvermynt. Due to this recall and redenomination, there are not many Hoppet dalers to observe for new varieties, so I am very happy that I was able to find one.

This variety occurs on the reverse of the Hoppet piece, specifically the ornamental design around the stated value. I have not found any variety in the letters of the stated value between the two attached images aside from a very minor detail, which is not enough to claim a variety. The variety is focused mostly on the bottom portions of the design, but there are some differences in the sides and top details. On one piece, the design is thin and detailed, whereas on the other piece, the design has a bolder and more undetailed look. I do not believe I need to find a name for the thinner, more detailed design, but I will name the other piece’s variety the “Bold Reverse.” It is a small variety, but it is still surprising to me to find.

The only Goertz daler variety that is recognized by NGC is on the Hoppet daler. Between the ‘S’ and ‘M’ of the stated value, you will see an inverted heart. On some Hoppet dalers, that inverted heart is a diamond. I am not sure why they would include this variety but not other obvious ones, such as the High Bolt or Low Bolt on the Jupiter Goertz daler or the Close Baby and Far Baby on the Saturnus Goertz daler, but I am not the one who writes the rules, so I will just hope that someday I can get a few of these recognized. This will be my last blog post until after Christmas, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and if I do not post before New Year’s, I wish you all a Happy New Year as well. Stay safe during the holidays, and I hope you all enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Post writing note:

I have seen many of you ask if these varieties have already been discovered or recorded. As far as I know, and I have searched very hard to find this answer, none of the varieties I have discovered have not been previously discovered or recorded. Therefore, all of these varieties are of my own finding, and I take credit for each of their discovery. If any of you stumble upon another individual's work in discovering these varieties, please let me know so that I do not take credit where someone else has already been credited. Nonetheless, until I find such work, I claim all of these varieties as my own discoveries. Also, many of you have asked if I plan on recording these in the form of a book, and I will answer that by saying if my writing career flourishes, and I become a well-established writer, I fully plan on writing a book officially denoting all of these varieties. Thank you all for your questions and support!

-Gabe, a.k.a. Oobie



Level 5

You really have your eye out for these. Congrats on finding another.

Long Beard

Level 5

While I primarily collect U.S. coinage, you frequently post of foreign coinage which has me expanding what little of the world coins I do have. Thanks for this one. Beautiful!

It may be out-of-reach, but with enough pressure, collectors, and writing, NGC and PCGS may add these to their recognition.


Level 6

Another cool find! Good for you ; ) Keep up the great blogs!

It's Mokie

Level 6

There is probably a European publication in German or some other non-English language that lists Daler varieties. Maybe the Numismatic Bibliomania Society would now of such book(s). https://www.coinbooks.org/


Level 5

Another awesome find. Thanks for another very interesting post.


Level 6

Nice find. Write to Live, Live to Write. No time like now to do a write up.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Rather than wait to become a "well established" writer, considering doing the book TO BECOME a well established writer.


Level 5

Congratulations on another find! So now that you know of these varieties, where do you send them to make them official?


Level 7

Like I said you have very good eyes and know we're to look. I wish they would put varieties on my tokens from the 1700's. They said it was that they were made. They were made by steam presses. And there are varities. But there not budging. Your lucky. Keep up the good work. Ask Sam how you would go bout getting these names after you. That would be great!!Lots of luck


Level 5

Don't wait until you are a "well-established" writer. Do it now, you can always update and have it professionally printed later. You are doing the research, take the extra time to at least put it into a Pamphlet format. You can always take it further later. Do it now before someone else does, you will not regret doing it. Keep up the good work. Later!

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