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17 Aug 2020

Yeah to the ANA!

World's Fair of Money | user_63594

I just wanted to give a "thank you" shout out to the ANA for scheduling the make up show for the Pittsburgh Worlds Fair of Money for 2023! It is normally a longer interval between visits to Pittsburgh and I am very appreciative of their decision.

07 Jun 2019

Coin verification

Coins-World | user_63594

Can my fellow members recommend a set of tools to help determine coin diameter and weight specifications? I found only one 1970 Spain coin set for sale in over 10 years of curating my World Birth Year Set. The seller had a good rating and the negative ratings did not deal with counterfeit or altered items with the only concern being a no returns, all sales final policy. I gambled and bought the set. I weighed the three key coins from the set without a match to the Krause publication figures. I am trying to save the $39.00 fee per coin by sending them to a third party grading service only to have them come back in a body bag. If I can be reasonably sure they are genuine, I will spend the money to have them authenticated but need a way to get to that point. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

21 Apr 2019

A Very Fun Time!

National Money Show | user_63594

I took time off work to go to the National Money Show in Pittsburgh, PA and had a great time! I saw someone I had not seen in a long time and it was nice reconnecting with him. I learned a couple of new things pertaining to colonial coins. I was able to help some new members who had joined at the show and some non-members who were there to find out values for some coins they had handed down to them from family members. I even advised one of the convention employee security guards to research the ancient coin he bought for $10.00 and to join the ANA to use their library! On top of making some network connections with dealers for my World Coin Birth Year set, I purchased the two key date coins I have always dreamed of owning! I bought a 1909 S V.D.B. Lincoln cent and a 1916 D Mercury dime. The Lincoln cent I talked about since 1980 having started collecting in 1978. The Mercury dime I wanted since about 1995. I tracked the value using the Red Book for five years (from 1995-1999) where it went up in value better than my retirement fund did! I also bought my mom a Fiji "Coca Cola" bottle cap coin. She collects Coca Cola stuff and loved that item! I especially enjoyed the exhibits. I admit to being somewhat jealous of the Apollo Mission exhibit as it had several of the coins I need for my World Birth Year set in it. I also liked the NASA, Haley's Comet, Byzantine Empire Coinage and the Numismatic History of the Organ exhibits. It made the People's Choice award voting very tough. I was glad to see the Organ History exhibit I voted for did well! I felt it was the best due to the subject matter. To me, that is what coin collecting is all about - finding coins and medallions that display interest you have and the church organ is off the beaten path in that regard! I can't wait for 2020 to come so I can hit the World's Fair of Money! Hopefully I can find the remaining 13 coins I need for my World Coin Birth Year set! As a bonus, I went back to work the following Tuesday and I increased my production level by 90-130 units per hour every day since then! Does attending coin conventions make you more productive? You decide!

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