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17 Aug 2020

Yeah to the ANA!

World's Fair of Money | user_63594

I just wanted to give a "thank you" shout out to the ANA for scheduling the make up show for the Pittsburgh Worlds Fair of Money for 2023! It is normally a longer interval between visits to Pittsburgh and I am very appreciative of their decision.



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I would rather watch old people hold hands in the park than attend anything in the city of Chicago. 2023 make up show in Pittsburg, hold on, when time comes, I'll be there.


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That is a big maybe for me. Still pretty far.

It's the closest Worlds Fair of Money venue to me, and this year it was going to be on my birthday. I was very disappointed to find out that it was canceled, but I'll be waiting for 2023


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I'm going to have to mark that one on my calendar!

I. R. Bama

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I can't imagine why in the world would ANA schedule anything in Chicago for the foreseeable future. Way too dangerous. I have a friend who is a pilot for a major airline. He was threatened the last two times he went there which is where corporate is located with their training facilities. It's too bad, there are several things on my bucket list I want to do: see the U boat, the museum of art and go to the Billy Goat Tavern for a famous "cheeseborger" But I do want to go to Pittsburgh!

The MoKe

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ANA likes the Rosemont center because it is close to O'Hare, has tons of large hotels nearby, lots of dining opportunities and very easy to access for all the large population centers in the nation. They also like the fact they can get better deals by booking every year. Next two years are in Chicago, then back to Pittsburgh but they eventually want to always hold the ANA in Chicago. National Money Show may still hit the circuit but I have heard it is not a big revenue producer for ANA.

The MoKe

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Pittsburgh is fortunate to have been put into rotation so soon after this year. Since the ANA will be using Chicago much more frequently in the future, every other city will be facing decreased chances to host a WFM. I personally think PAN President Tom Uram and Pan Secretary Patrick McBride were very influential in this decision. Tom is an ex ANA Governor and one of this years Medal of Merit winners, while Pat McBride was the Host Club Chairman for the 2019 NMS and acquitted himself wonderfully in that roll. I also think Richard Jewell, who would have been this years Host Club Chairman would have acquitted himself just as well as Mr. McBride. Pittsburgh has a number of very active coin clubs in the area and an excellent cadre of very eager volunteers. Pittsburgh is also very close, certainly by air, to a number of major cities in the Northeast and Midwest. In summation, Pittsburgh is an excellent location and fully deserves 2023 to prove it once again. Heart U Pittsburgh!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pittsburgh is a 3 hour drive for me and a great opportunity to see a show. The ANA has a face book page that you can use to thank them also.


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You can send that message to the ANA. Hit contact us and go to Miss Kick. They will not see it here. They would be more thankful if you sent it to them. This way they will get it. They don't read blogs. This is a message!! I'm sure they will appreciate it.Besides I can't travel far if I was going anywhere it's Pittsburgh. I had read so much positive feed back that's the place.!!!!

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