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24 Jan 2018

Mr P.J. Sublett

Coins-United States | user_64427

I am currently in the process of making a set of all 1861 US coins at the grade of MS61. 


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

good luck and do your research first


Level 2

thank you Mike Burns I was unaware of the policy I have removed the talk of purchasing . User_74781 Yes my goal is to complete a complete set graded at MS61.


Level 6

That's good. I would like to see your set as it grows. Thanks!! Good job removing that part....You are a proper member of the ANA!!


Level 6

1861 is a good year to collect. Good luck.


Level 6

Good luck with your set!


Level 3

Good luck finding the coins that you want to.


Level 6

That's a tall order. Good luck!


Level 7

Hi that's a tall job. Lots of luck with it. However there is no selling or trading on this site. That's to protect anyone from getting hurt. Even though we know no one would those are the rules. Shows and dealers are my suggestions. I hope you do it that would be some set. Mike


Level 6

Good luck with your project.


Level 3

Question (because I really don't know). When you say a grade of MS61, do you mean specifically MS61? Or does that mean MS61 or higher? Please excuse my ignorance. I just didn't realize you could be so specific. Would it make a difference if you had a coin in your 1861 set that had different grades?

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