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25 Jun 2019

cleaned, scratched?

Coins | user_6581

Is anyone else upset by what NGC and PCGS are doing? Perfectly fine coins are given bad grades like cleaned or scratched. I don't see any cleaning many times. And a scratch; is it microscopic? What do you think people; should we take them out of their holders? Also I've seen poor grading - what's with these companies? This stuff is important to alot of us.

30 Jul 2018

Joan of Arc

Coins-World | user_6581

Recently got a beautiful Joan of Arc coin from the French mint! Found out about it in our Numismatist magazine. Thanks.

25 Jun 2018

1911 weak D

Coins | user_6581

I bought a 1911 $2 1/2 gold coin. It is a detail coin but looks like a weak D; very weak. PCGS refused to recheck it, which surprised me (I thought they had a guarantee). It is "Cleaned-UNC Detail". I think I might send it to NGC. Comments?

01 Jul 2015

US 1921 set

Coins-United States | user_6581

I'm working on getting a 1921 set; $1 thru penny. Some 1921's are rare and costly! I'm not concerned with the coin condition right now. Wish me luck!

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