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14 Feb 2015

What’s the shape of the world coins market?: Monday Morning Brief, Feb. 16, 2015 Video

World's Fair of Money | Numismatics with Kenny

Senior Editor of World Coins Jeff Starck is back from the World Money Fair in Berlin.

The show is the perfect place to see old friends and make new ones, and the source for a wealth of world coin news. Jeff discusses some of the highlights of the show and previews some ofCoin World’srelated coverage. Coin shapes are no longer confined to simple round disks, and don’t even have to be metal. Learn about these topics and more in today’s video.





Level 4

I see this is a real old Blog. I did not know him when this was written. However, I met him in 2018. Jeff is a Great guy. Loves all aspects of Numismatics. He writes pretty good articles as well.


Level 6

Thanks Kenny!

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