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22 Jan 2017

2016 W 50C Walking Liberty 100th Anniversary Gold Commemorative a Retrospect

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When I first Purchased this from US Mint, I was 100% certain I would return this to the Mint from which it came :>}..as I waited to return, I realized, I had already purchased the 10C Mercury Dime Gold Commemorative & then I remembered I had entered a note to this great site, the ANA "blog” on the 25C Standing LibertyGold Commemorative..Due partially to procrastination. (yes a bit lazy or as I like to refer due to my “time schedule”, the 3 Coins were all graded, encapsulated & WOW a New Gold Commemorative SET was now in my possession…Then I felt I should refer back to US Mints Specifications, which somehow I over-looked or possibly again related to my “time schedule”:each of the 3 Coin “Set”Composition is .9999 Fine Gold (15.552 grams) :Oh the :WOW” factor really came as I decided to pick up my camera, ((tho a less used Version of my prior now “damaged” camera-Ok no need for this comment” other then the effort of “learning” new tasks can/do lead to “”HOBBIES””)..and final review of the “PIC’s”, well I will leave the interpretation to all who visit:Enjoy the PIC’s

05 Nov 2016

"au-24" KT

Coins | user_6870

Recently, whether good, bad or do not know, while perusing many posts relating toU.S. Mint recent release of the“2016 24Kt.-auCentennial Gold Coins” Series, there certainly seems to be a“more prominent negativeunder-current”whether citing sales, US Mint Limits, Prices, even whether US Mint shouldissues thesecoins in the first place:

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