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19 Sep 2015

My ANA YN Auction Experience

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Hello All,

I just finished the ANA's (first Online) YN Auction. It was a wonderful experience, I had quite a bit of fun, and learned about some coins. I only have a few regrets, and a few minor flaws were experienced, but overall I had a great time.

I enjoyed winning, of course, and that was a blast. Even though I lost quite a bit, I still enjoyed the thrill of "buying" the coins with the YN dollars.

The only thing I disliked was Youtube's system- I have great internet and great internet speeds, but the whole video and chat section was as slow as molasses. I am sure it was not the ANA's fault, but considering it's 2015, I wish Youtube stepped up it's game.

Personally, I regret not doing more to prepare myself and get more YN dollars- as this was my first YN auction, I had zero idea that the bidding would go up to $500 in some cases.

One thing I would like to mention is that the addition of a ANA t-shirt (as a lot in next year's catalog) would be a hit. I spoke to some of the other YN's, and they all agree, we want to support the ANA, with a sharp t-shirt.

Thank you to all that set up the auction, it must have been a brutal 5 hours for you to work.

Hopefully in the future there will be more ways to get YN dollars. I'm gonna start now and save up for next year's auction.




Sounds like a blast. Hopefully the defects are fixed this year. I can't wait to participate.


Level 4

Thank you for this info.


Level 5

Awesome event. Technical issues aside it sounds like everyone had fun.


Level 7

I'm glad you had a good time! Mr. Sam is the guy and he's right there are no loser's in the auction! It's to have fun if you win something or not. The next time you'll get lucky!


Level 5

i was one of those people on the auction who wanted that tshirt too! I am also preparing more for next year as i only had 320 for this years auction


Level 5

We're glad you liked it! We're keep your feedback in mind when we begin planning for the next auction. :) In the meantime, here is the link that tells you what activities get you the most YN dollars: https://www.money.org/young-numismatists/how-to-earn-yn-dollars


Level 4

I totally agree with the t-shirt suggestion!


Level 5

Hey Topp! I'm glad you had a good time. And the way I see it none of the YN's who participated lost anything at all; you're all winners in my book! Yeah, we did everything we could on our end to get rid of that delay; at one point when we were setting everything up the delay was over 35 seconds long, so I'm glad it we were able to get it down to only about 15 seconds once the auction went live. I was worried it might not let people bid, so that's why I went as slow as I could while reading/announcing each lot. (And I'll see what I can do to include a shirt for next year's auction!) Thank you very much for the thank yous! The ANA has such an amazing staff; my co-workers rock very hard! This took six of us from different departments working together over a couple months time to make it as seamless, fun, and as educational as possible. There are so many ways to earn YN dollars; check out the info on this website and keep accumulating them for all the good stuff you do in/for the hobby. I hope you YN's learned a lot from this experience and I look forward to sending out these awesome coins, notes, and books to the lucky winners - once I figure out who won which lots and how much they owe (Again, please wait for an email from me early next week so you know what your total is.) Great job everyone!! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator


Level 5

thank you for devoting your Saturday.

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