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01 Feb 2020

Coins in the Classroom

Coins in the Classroom | Coin Collecting With Tyler

My name is Tyler Jorgenson and I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the ANA. I am trying to get some of my friends into coin collecting, but I don’t know what will spark an interest for them? If anybody has something to say please comment down below.



Level 7

Just show them what you do


Level 5

Coin shows usually have a young numismatist section to get young people interested in coins. Usually they have wheat cent albums and wheat cents to look through so they can fill in some of the holes in the album. Everyone enjoys receiving an album to fill in the holes. Maybe if your friends are into sports, show them sports related medals and commemorative coins that have sports themes. There are plenty of themed silver coins out there. 1 ounce silver rounds and coins have all kinds of themes now and many are legal tender money. Star Wars, Batman, Superman etc. I have seen all kinds of silver rounds and coins with different themes. A lot of them are very collectible and have lower mintage of 5,000 or 25,000 pieces. Plus they are 1 ounce of silver, so you can watch what the price of silver does and see if your coin is increasing in silver value. Your friends I think would be very interested if something they enjoy is depicted on a coin or silver round. Also there are copper rounds with themes also, like dinosaurs etc, which would not cost as much. If they are interested in the military, there are plenty of military related coin items. Or maybe show them coins and medals that are related to the state you and your friends live in. Maybe a medal that honors something about your particular area or city. I have found many things related to my area, that I didn't know existed. There are plenty of inexpensive items you can purchase at flea markets and coin shows that you could give someone as a present to get them interested.

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