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01 Feb 2020

Inherited a coin collection

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If you inherited a coin collection than you should use these simple steps!1. Go to a coin dealer for an estimated price2. Talk to your parents if you plan of selling it 3. Join a coin club near your area, so that they can give you tips on what to do with the collection4. Explore the collection a little bit, check if they are US coins or World coins. When I buy coins from other dealers, I look at the coins and check if they have been cleaned or damaged.



Level 6

Good tips. There are many books written on this subject. Mainly just be informed if you are selling.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Many people who inherit coins are not given a fair price when they sell because they lack knowledge and can be easily ripped off. The key to selling a collection is to know as much about the coins as possible and to go to your buyer with an abundance of knowledge. Buying a Blue Book will help you get an idea what the market will pay. It is far from 100% accurate but it is much better than having no idea at all.


Level 5

Would be nice to inherit a coin collection. I would probably sell it immediately and maybe keep a couple good ones.

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