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22 Jul 2016

Silver Queen Strikes again

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I enjoy collecting coins and old currency, just as the rest of you do. I have a large variety of nice coins and paper currency in my collection but lately I have developed a taste for collecting junk silver coins.  Every time I make a purchase to add a coin to my collection I have to buy some junk silver as well.  I have become an junk silver addict and now I'm known as the "Silver Queen" amongst my fellow collectors.  I walk into my local coin dealer and when they see me coming through the door they automatically pull the junk silver tray out for me and put it on the counter.  Yes, even the local coin dealer knows I'm a junk silver addict. I always get teased and told I have a nose on me that can sniff junk silver out miles away. Does anyone else out there like junk silver coins too?  Please share your story. 



Level 5

I recently found a benji and a 40%er in a box of halves!


Level 5

It sounds like an interesting addiction for a collector to have. Nothing wrong with that!


Level 6

Great way to keep the hobby interesting.


Level 7

No I don't do junk silver simply because I can't get out. Otherwise I might think of it. I do get rolls once in a while from my friend. You don't know what you will find but I bet the dealer does. You can bet he's been through it so be careful. Mike.


Level 5

COOL!!! It sounds fun to look through junk silver but i dont go to coin stores/shows or banks much cuz it drives my parents crazy to go a lot lol


Level 4

I love hunting through junk silver and the like! It's even better when you really score!!!


Level 6

I love to go through old silver too ...and you never know what you might find!


Level 6

I can't think of a reason not to collect junk silver coins. It's so much fun to get a roll and go through it and see what you got. I also roll hunt so maybe you shouldn't listen to me!! Thanks!

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