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06 Sep 2016

"Fight Club" rules and "Pareidolia"

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This site/association is Amazing! I was thinking I wished I had joined sooner, my second thought was why didn't I join sooner? I've been in the hobby about five years now. I honestly had no idea what I was missing out on. Its not like I was living under a rock. I also consider myself a very social and friendly person, so why didn't anyone ever tell me about this? And that is when it dawned on me....... You (members) must have adopted "Fight Club" rules. You know..
1. The first rule of the ANA is we do not talk about the ANA.
2. The second rule of the ANA is we do not talk about the ANA.

I feel like this is the best kept secret in the hobby, or at least was the best kept secret. I hope there isn't an emergency hush-hush meeting happening right now with all the ANA top brass, the Chairman addressing his board members, "Damn it, Who told Thunder? Five years people! We were so close. How did this happen? Johnson, I'm looking at you!"

I saw a commercial recently about how ADD or ADHD can effect humans in adult life. I wonder if I have this condition..(best topic transition ever)...

There is one human condition I have though and that is "Pareidolia". If your a Die Variety / Error collector like myself, then having Pareidolia is like getting Cancer, and that cancer you just got has AIDS too. Oh, and let's hope  you pronounce this correctly, because if you don't I guarantee Chris Hanson's "To Catch a Predator" alarm will go off. All joking aside, Pareidolia is a real human condition that we all have. We being those of us with working eyes and a functioning brain. Its actually the name of a psychological phenomenon of seeing something that isn't really there.
 Even though I joke a lot this is a real thing.  Don't believe me? Feel free to ask my good buddy Google, or my less trustworthy, but still credible acquaintance, Wikipedia. It's okay, I'll wait.......... J/K, this isn't a phone call, time has no meaning in this interaction.
                                                                                        *END INTERLUDE* 
Some examples I can give you of this poorly named psychological phenomenon are...

Imagine you are outside in the afternoon, when you look up at the sky and see that there are clouds. As you are looking at these clouds you see that one of them looks strikingly like that 1909-S VDB your collection needs. Now either you are Nostradamus, seeing an awesome future, or you are experiencing Pareidolia. (Unless there is a giant floating 1909-S VDB that has also adopted "Fight Club" rules.)
Another good example would be when devote Christian's see Jesus on a piece of toast or in the Cheetos they are about to eat. Pareidolia strikes again! That, or their food is haunted. Lets be honest here, if that was really Jesus, after 2,016 years of anticipation, would he really choose a snack food for his grand entrance? 

I'm stopping right here. I know opinions on religion and belief lead to bloodshed, war, and witch trials.  Sorry everyone. If you really wish to continue that conversation feel free to msg me. And if I have upset you just remember the coins I collect say "In God we Trust" too. Holy Adam West Batman! I'm way off topic.

So how does Pareidolia effect me? Good question. I like to get my pennies by the brick. That is, $25.00 or 2,500 cents at a time. My wife is telling me I average 2-3 bricks each week. (My wife let's me get away with this because it's the cheapest hobby ever. If I find a good coin, I can sell it for almost all profit, and if I don't find anything I just recycle it into the next batch.) Now if you read my past blog you know how I feel about math, so let's just agree that that is a lot of pennies. Then Pareidolia shows up, which is kinda like that awkward moment when you realize you just took your hot date to a five star steak house and they are a vegetarian. (yes I really did this, I was younger, even still I saw her years later in a bar only to hear her say, "Worst Date EVER!")
If you think that comparison was over the top I want you to imagine you are standing in front of a haystack, and your goal is to find the needle, of course. So you start your search and not too long (but long enough) after, it appears you're searching for a needle in a stack of needles. So you take a needle and go home. Now it's morning and as you go to look over your sweet reward, all you find is a piece of hay......... WTF, Robinson Caruso! Just yesterday this was a needle!.......... Welcome to my Groundhog Day/ Mystery Spot. (That's a Bill Murray and Supernatural reference. Before Bill Murray jumped the shark). 

I end up seeing doubles everywhere. For a hunter like myself this is the most frustrating thing I can do, as well as the thing i can do almost nothing about. Kind of like our upcoming Presidential election. (I wish that last one was a joke.)
My solution for Pareidolia, and the election, for that matter, is: 

1- Don't look too long. Staring + Time + Coins = Pareidolia. 

2- Take breaks often. I haven't mentioned this before, but on top of my love affair with coins I also have a much dirtier Mistress named Destiny on PS4. Just in case math wants to rear it's evil (yet sometimes loving) odds, that one of you out there is a fellow Guardian my gamer tag is "ThunderD146" 
 You're so good looking, and thanks you,

p.s. FYI-ever since Seinfeld enlightened me to the history and original meaning of the phrase "god bless you', I have followed suit and think "You're so good looking" is so much better suited. It boost morale and self esteem, and when someone says it to you it can make your day. 



Level 6

Funny. Nice break. Thanks!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Funny blog. I agree, the ANA is a well kept secret. Glad you made it through the door.

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