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24 Mar 2020

Clad washington quarter

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The clad issued washington quarter old reverse is something amazing. Maybe not as valuable as the silver ones that everybody loves so much but one day they'll be just a memory to and no longer found in circulation. You can still pick em out of change quite easily so unless you have a high graded specimen of 1986, variety,or errors these little guys isn't too valuable. That doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement later. Let's go back to 1932 first silver washington. 1965 silver Washington's not as liked little brother comes along and for 33 years doesn't change. But in generations to come. I feel like The clad washington quarter pre state quarter is going to spike in price compared to later date clads, thanks mainly to Key dates and peaples feelings toward the old washington " eagle reverse" and the old old washington " silver".


Long Beard

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Yes, Sir. Despite many frowning on clad coinage.


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Washington Quarters offer many ways to put a collection together.


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You never know. Most coins and currency we collect today was just money..Good luck. I feel the same about Roosevelt dimes.

With 34 years worth of clad eagle-reverse quarters out there, I doubt we'll ever see the "ship come in" for them. Remember that everyone saved the bicentennial reverse issue, and you can still easily find them in circulation. You have to remember how excited everyone was when the first Statehood quarters came out in 1999 because we were so bored with the same ol' eagle reverse. Choice MS69-70 coins will always be the exception.


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Certainly room for improvement in Clad Quarter values. I don't think we will see much value increase in clad quarters. Just to many minted, and to many saved in high grades. When I was young I bought 10 1970-D Kennedy half dollars, thinking because of the low mintage they would be a great coin to collect and maybe a great investment. Today they are readily available at a reasonable price. Also the 1950-D nickel was a somewhat low mintage coin, but today you can purchase a 1950-D nickel for a reasonable price. The 1976 Bicentennial coins were minted in good sized quantities, and today they are still priced low because there are so many out there and not enough collectors. With so many state quarters minted and saved, they won't see much of a price increase over time. Numismatics is a hobby to have for enjoyment of the coins, the excitement of the find, the completion of a set or collection. Most of us are just collectors of coins we enjoy. If we sell and make a little money that is fine, but making money is usually for the dealers and speculators out there.

It's Mokie

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I still rue the day that Laura Gardin Fraser's excellent quarter design was tossed aside because of Andrew Mellon's misogyny. Instead we received a subpar Eagle and a pedestrian President Washington. I was so glad when the mint resurrected Mrs. Fraser's design for the Washington Bicentennial in 1999.



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I liked them. It was the first set my son went after. it lso bdought many ne xollextors into the hobby. Thanks

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