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27 Sep 2021

The Past and the Future

| Long Beard

Fifty years ago, the Bicentennial Commission began promoting the then upcoming 200th Anniversary of the United States. The subject of this weeks blog. Enjoy!

22 Sep 2021

Market Irregularity

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Scrolling the internet recently for additions to add to a collection, looking at the modern United States commemoratives, an oddity appears which seems to break from the traditional values within the market place. No matter the denomination or series, the values range from low to high with many in between create a somewhat steady upward graph plot. Yet not the modern commemoratives. The subject of this weeks blog. Enjoy!

02 Sep 2021

Past, Present and Future

Coins | Long Beard

This weeks blog topic is a break from the usual style of writing, in that it's a personal view of this hobby which we share. It goes against my firm belief that writing should never be that. Personal. Yet the very subject is one of those rare instances in which it is necessary in order to both educated and create free thinking on it. In my forty-seven years of collecting I have witnessed first hand many changes, some for the better some for the worse. I've met many like minded individuals over those years, quite a few becoming friends, several long time now. And so, the discussion of how one collector sees the hobby as it evolved over not only his lifetime but those before him and the direction it may or may not take going forward. Enjoy!

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