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06 Oct 2016

Coins: The Perfect Metal Detecting Target for Beginners!

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Coins: The Perfect Metal Detecting Target for Beginners!

Metal Detecting is a hobby that many are interested in, but, as we hear frequently, it can be a bit difficult to know just where to begin; especially when it comes to choosing a target to search for.  One of the easiest targets for new metal detectorists to hunt for is coins, and here’s why:

Almost Any Type of Metal Detector Can Find Coins

Although you can purchase a specific coin shooting metal detector, nearly any level of general purpose metal detector will also be able to easily locate coins.  This means when you go coin hunting you don’t have to invest in any special equipment before you’re sure you like metal detecting; and yet you can still find treasures galore!

Coins Are Frequently Lost

As we all unfortunately know, coins are lost quite often.  While this is often an inconvenience for many, for a metal detectorist, it makes coins very easy to find.  Since coins are lost so frequently there are usually some close to the surface of the ground so the metal detector won’t have to search too deeply before hitting on a target.

Coins Are Lost In a Variety of Locations

Coins aren’t just lost often, they’re lost pretty much everywhere.  Coins are lost around town, at the bus stop, at the lake, on the beach, in the park, at the school, and in countless other locations.  So, when you go metal detecting for coins, you can do so basically anywhere; which makes finding them even easier still.

Coin Hunting Brings Easy Successes

The ease with which coins can be found by a metal detector will give new detectorists the feeling of success very quickly; which is important when beginning any new hobby.  This is also a great benefit when metal detecting with children regardless of their experience level.  Having frequent, easy successes makes everything more fun, reduces frustration, allows you to learn to use your machine while still locating targets, and, it encourages further exploration of the hobby.

When Coin Hunting All Targets Have Value

While there are some very valuable coins out there, even a recently printed quarter is still worth something!  As a result, after a day out having fun and hunting for coins with your metal detector, you can almost always come home with something of value.  

As we said, nearly any metal detector can find coins.  Some features to look for though include a built in pinpointer (or you can buy a hand held one if your prefer) to help you zero in on where the target is located, a ground balance control to help you search in highly mineralized ground conditions (like those at the beach), and a lightweight machine for hours of comfortable treasure hunting!

Now that you know what type of targets to begin looking for with your metal detector, head out and start metal detecting!  You’re sure to at least find some coins, and who knows, you may find something else even more valuable.



Level 6

Were all those coins found with a metal detector? Great!


Level 5

I don't agree completely with that. Being an avid metal detectorist for two years now, I have figured out that finding modern change at playground and public places is easy. But finding older coins in fields, woods, etc. where your finds really have value, it is not easy to find even a porous indian head cent!


Level 7

Nice. It's good to do keep you healthy walking searching and finding the piece of gold. Must be exciting when you find something.


Level 5

I wish I were able to do this. It sounds like so much fun!


Level 6

I would love to take up metal detecting! Thanks for a great blog!


Level 5

Great Blog on metal detecting!


Level 5

Great post!


Level 6

Nice blog!

Great article! I'd like to get into metal detecting someday. Nice picture too. Are those your coins?

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