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30 Apr 2021

"Treasure in The Cellar" Book

| Well worn Copper

Found this during a search of coin books and had to have it. It's about two boys who found a bunch of gold coins while playing in a basement of an old house back in 1934. It goes into detail about what happened to the kids and their fight to legally claim the coins, as well as the claims of others, such as previous owners and tenants. Finding a cache of gold coins was every kids dream, it seems, although I'm 59 and I still dream it. Leonard Augsburger is the author and it was published (paperback) by the Maryland Historical Society in 2008.


C.D. Harrell

Level 4

I feel for the Double Eagle that gets chopped in half with that hatchet!


Level 5

Oh to dream of a treasure.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I read this book several years ago. An absolutely fascinating and somewhat tragic story. Well worth your time.


Level 5

Sounds like a great story. I would keep a find like that a secret for sure. To find a cache of old coins would be something.


Level 5

Sounds fun! lll look into this old book :)


Level 6

This is great! I love the cover photo. They almost have a "Crazy" look on their faces... Even better... they are dirty, digging a hole and have an axe! Ah...The good ol' days! haha ; )


Level 6

I seem to remember reading about this hoard. Probably in a Bowers book. Sounds cool. I love the picture on the cover. Looks like me and a friend. NO I'm not that old. Close. Thanks


Level 4

Sounds exciting

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