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30 Jan 2022

JFK junior's 1996 Wedding & the Indian Head Nickel

| Well worn Copper

I found an interesting tidbit tucked into a book about JFK Jr. Kennedy's September 1996 wedding made news mainly because it was successfully done in total secrecy. Kennedy chose a barren barrier reef island located 20 miles off the coast of Georgia to get married on. And to help identify possible intruders, each registered guest was given an indian head nickel by security to keep with them at all times. The security detail would therefore be able to challenge anyone at the ceremony or reception by asking to show their nickel. The book didn't go into too much detail, and I wonder if the nickels were all of a certain date or mintmark for added security. Also, it makes one wonder what became of the nickels. Did guests keep them as a memento? Or did many of them eventually make their way into dealer's junk boxes where they sit to this day, along with their secret history?



Level 5

Neat story to last through all of history - now that it is out.

Long Beard

Level 5

The fascinating things we find doing simple research outside of Wiki-land. Outstanding, Sir!


Level 6

Nice tidbit!


Level 5

That’s very interesting! There’s many uses for coins not just money. I actually live in Georgia but probably wasn’t alive then. Thanks for sharing!

It's Mokie

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Wow, that is a fascinating stuff. Betcha with the kind of rich folks that were issued the nickels, they were just thrown in a drawer or lost for the most part. Maybe a few were numismatists and they are in old valuable collections to this day.


Level 5

WOW…. I have never heard this either! I have visited Jekel and St. Simon where the Carter’s used to live several times years ago! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Wow! What an interesting story! ; )


Level 5

Fascinating! JFK jr pulled off the impossible and snookered the paparazzi. Good for him! Great idea with the Buffalo Nickel. No one carries them today as pocket pieces except collectors like us!


Level 6

I never heard anything about this. Interesting. Where did you read about it? Thanks

"America's Reluctant Prince. The life of JFK Jr." by Steven M. Gillon. (2019)

I. R. Bama

Level 5

"And now you know the rest of the story! Goodday!" Paul Harvey. BTW can anyone name an acting credit and role for a movie Paul Harvey was in?


Level 6

Do you mean the radio guy? The Right of the People. A TV movie. he played a radio announcer.


Level 7

I know they got married on an Island called Cumberland Island in an African church. There was no press and didn't invite guest till five days before. I never herd anything about a nickel. Bibliography please. I'm sorry I checked my books and there was no mention of it. I might of missed it. Not even the people living on the island told anyone.I might be wrong I read about it years later.

AC coin$

Level 6

Great Indian Head coin beautiful , I admire such a great nickel photo. It's a legend that is never forgotten . Great blog, admirable!!

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