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17 Jun 2020

Collecting WWII Coins, Part 2- Britain and Japan

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Last issue, we covered the US wartime issues and the coins of the Third Reich. Today, we will cover the wartime issues of the British Empire and the Japanese Empire.

During the war, the king of Britain was George VI. He would never of been king if Edward VIII gave up his throne for an American divorcee named Wallis Simpson. Because he was king, his likeness would take up the obverse of the coin.
Back then (pre-1971) the British monetary system was not decemialized. Weird and odd conversions were common. The conversions would constantly be changed by parliament.
The coins would have George VI's likeness, with a coat of arms or a crown with plumage. They are quite boring to look at, but look good once worn. An XF-40 copy would go for about $10. Most are clad, but some are comprised of 50% silver.

Onwards the coins of the Japanese Empire. During the war, the Japanese had controlled much of Pacific, including parts on China, were the soldiers did horrible and cruel things like the Rape of the city of Nanjing. The Japanese war effort began to collapse after the Battle of Midway, where many of their key ships, including the Akagi, the main ship of the Pearl Harbor Attack, were sunk.
The coins include the Chrysanthemum seal, symbol of the Emperor Showa (Hirohito). On the back included a multitude of designs, including Mt. Fuji, Cherry Blossoms, and other designs. Some of the designs included holes. These are slightly cheaper than their British counterparts.
Thanks, and next time we will be covering Soviet and Italian coins.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

The British coins I have. BTW the Rolling Stones had a great song about Edward the VIII and Miss Simpson. Out in perhaps 1988 or 89 off the Steel Wheels album, but I digress.... I have many unidentified Japanese and other Oriental coins to figure out. I'm looking forward to your treatese on the Italian WW II issues. I have many and am sure to learn alot!


Level 3

I love world war 2 coins, and thought my self of buying Japanese coins.


Level 3

Interested in the Soviet union coins next time.


Level 6

Those Japanese coins are beautiful. Thanks. Looking forward to Italy and CCCP coins.


Level 5

I might have a couple coins from the British and this time period. Will check my pages of foreign coins. Thanks for the blog on these coins. Very interesting coins.

It's Mokie

Level 6

As the Japanese wartime economy began to collapse, the Japanese also experimented with porcelain coins. Thank You for illuminating a dark and dangerous time in world history. Luckily the good guys won.


Level 7

I enjoy these I have one going back to George III. He was at war also with us.. The British made very good coinage such as you proved with these great pictures. The Japanese coinage I don't have. It's not because I don't like it sometimes coins are hard to find during a time in history. Well done. The pictures add so much thanks.

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