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25 Oct 2015

Holy grail of your coins

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Everyone has a coin in their collection that they tend to look at or like more than the others what is that coin for you?



Level 6

That is a hard question. I try to look at all my coins at least once a month. I have some valuable coins locked away but I also have some low priced old Mexican Reals that I keep out to admire. I have them right here in my hand. Some VERY nice toning on most. Thanks everyone for sharing!


Level 5

1857 Large Cent (Large Date) in AU-58.


Level 5

If you check out my recent blogs you will see what some of my favorites are. I also have an 1803 large cent in at least XF that always catches my eye.


Level 5

I like looking at and counting my 1943 steel cents.

Cody's Coins

Level 2

The $3 gold in the picture is my holy grail.

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