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22 May 2017

Daily Coin Thoughts

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 Who is going to the World's Fair of Money in Denver this summer? I am certainly going and I hope to see some great coins. I am hoping to see some older American coins, like liberty heads and Mercury dimes.



Level 6

Wow! How fun for you!!! You'll have a great time and see some amazing things! Take it all in and be sure to let us know all about your experience! : )


Level 6

You most definitely will not be disappointed. Have fun!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i am going will be a great time


Level 4

Cool! What day?


Level 5

I won't be making it to Denver but this is my advise for any ANA show. Go to all the educational programs you can. Go the club and society meeting. Thoroughly read and review all of the exhibits. Get an auction number and catalog and review coins of your interest in the viewing room. Go to the auction in the evening. Go to the banquet. Get a mint passport and visit all the mint's booths. If you have to skip something, skip the bourse. You can see expensive coins at lots of other coin shows.

I will not be able to attend this year. I'll just have to read the reports from others who are able to attend.


Level 6

If you want to see great coins, there is no better place than the Worlds Fair of Money! Be sure to check out the exhibits too. Denver is a fine city to visit.


Level 7

Just go and have a blast . See everything you can. If there are lectures catch them. And pick up some nice coins.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

You're going to have a great time!! There is NOTHING like it. And in Denver, that is going to be an awesome event. Take photos, for all of us too lame to make it. Please.


Level 4


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