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08 May 2017

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I am trying to get all the business strikes of the 1982 pennies. I have got: 1 Zinc D Small Date, and 5 Copper D Large Dates.



Level 5

It can be done from circulation but it will take some time. Good luck.

Interesting topic. Coin Week has an article about them online at http://www.coinweek.com/education/coin-analyst-1982-lincoln-cent-provides-collectors-challenges-rewards Here's a quote from that article: The metallic composition and obverse master hub changes ultimately led to the creation of seven different types of 1982 business-strike Lincoln cents, including: 1982 brass large date 1982 brass small date 1982 zinc large date 1982 zinc small date 1982-D brass large date 1982-D zinc large date 1982-D zinc small date Add in the 1982-S proof Lincoln cent, which was struck in brass and boasts a large date motif, and the coin collector has eight basic 1982 Lincoln cents to chase after."


Level 6

I didn't know that either. Thanks for an interesting blog and good luck on your searching! : )

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i have almost all of those 7, got them from circulation, would love them in a really high grade too transition years are the best


Level 6

Now you made me look it up. Yep, everyone is correct 7. Thanks for making me do research!


Level 6

I've seen 7 different, mounted in special holders.


Level 7

Seven that I did not know. Now I do thank you both for that. Mike


Level 4

I believe there are at least 7 different strikes


Level 4


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