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26 Dec 2015

Does anyone know of a virtual club

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Does anyone know of a club that is meets online? I am disabled and it is pretty much impossible for me to travel to a club meeting so I am looking for a club that offers online meetings. A follow-up to this question is if there is anyone interested in forming such a virtual club?



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good idea


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Hi 8093. Welcome. I to am in your situation and have been collecting for twenty three years. I have a network of friends and sales people who have become friends. I have a wonderful collection and enjoy it immensely. I belong to one club the civil war tokens society. Basically because I collect those coins. What I'm trying to say is I have done this for a long time. I found the ANA and I took of. There are no clubs where I live. So I had to make adjustments. You can do the same and enjoy this great hobby. Welcome and enjoy!. Mike


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Maybe you will qualify for Americans with Disabilities transportation. Check with you State's public transit website for the contact information.

Reno Dave

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Many clubs have websites and yahoo has several club blogs for particular interests. You can read and search most club's newsletters for articles and blog the editor for special question if the ANA is not enough. I manage the Reno Coin Club website at www.renocoinclub.org and the ANA has a list of clubs with websites.


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An online club would be nice for those who are unable to travel distances. But I guess you could exchange ideas and connect with others on the Forum.


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I am not aware of any clubs that can afford and have the volunteers necessary to put a virtual / remote club meeting access together. The club would need to have face to face capabilities like GoToMeeting or maybe Skype meeting and require a Host to setup and coordinate agenda's. Every member would need Internet and corresponding software. PC, tablet or phones with cameras. A website with user access controls. Posted presentations, notes, journals, etc. If in conjunction with a regular in-person club meeting then they would need laptop's, tablets, maybe a projector, speakers and a business style microphone? Not an easy thing to accomplish!


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I do not have any virtual club the way you envision it, but I do have two online clubs that I am a part of that I would recommend to anyone: www.winsociety.org www.cointalk.com


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That is smart! I am sure that a virtual club is possible in some way.


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That's a great idea. Until recently I lived in an area that didn't have any local clubs. If there had been an on line alternative I probably would have used it. Even now I would still support it.

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